Fukui Language Academy is the only Japanese language school authorized by the Ministry of Education and Justice in Fukui Prefecture.

About Fukui Language Academy(Overview)

Fukui Language Academy (FLA) was established on April 2017. It is the only Japanese Language School in Fukui Prefecture that is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Japan’s Ministry of Justice.
In order for each student to reach their dreams, FLA has developed a consistent support system that would aid students in finding jobs, or entering a higher level of education after graduating from the academy.

The Students of Fukui Language Academy

There are currently 120 students enrolled from 14 countries.The academy aims to increase the number of students that will be able to effectively and actively interact with both the local residents and companies in Fukui.

Appeal Points

The Academy has 10 Qualified Japanese Language Teachers, cooperating together to provide the appropriate education based on the student’s level.

International Office Staff
The Academy has competent employees who are able to speak English, Chinese, and Vietnamese that will give support to the student’s livelihood.

Career Advancement Support
Education Advancement Rate, Employment Rate.

Countermeasures for COVID-19

Disinfection and body temperature measurement
Thorough disinfection with a disinfectant solution and body temperature measurement with a non-contact body thermometer / thermography are performed.

Installation of circulator and acrylic partition
The circulator ventilates the air and the acrylic partition prevents droplet infection.

Online lessons
If the risk of a virus infection increases, we will conduct classes online to avoid the risk.

Tuition Fee

Class Schedule

Where is Fukui Prefecture?

Fukui Language Academy is situated in Fukui Prefecture, a prefecture located in the middle part of Japan.
Here, the air is clean, the food and water are very delicious as well.
It has four seasons where you can experience cherry-blossom viewing in spring, going for a dip in the sea and fireworks festival in summer, autumn leaf color phenomenon in autumn, skiing and snowboarding in winter.

Fukui Prefecture Tourist Spots

The Happiest Prefecture in Japan

In Japan’s “Happiness Ranking”, Fukui ranked 1st out of all the 47 prefectures for 3 Consecutive times.
※What is Happiness Ranking?
Happiness ranking is conducted by Japan’s Research Institute every 2 years since 2012.It’s an indexation of happiness of all the 47 Prefectures based on 70 indicators such as, population growth rate, health, culture, work, lifestyle etc.

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